Monday, June 18, 2012

Geoje Janseongpo:Night time

The Janseongpo arear consist of an old ferry terminal which is not in use these days but its surely a good place to walk through.
 The most famous hang-out place is Popera Cafe & wine shop. It also serves Italian delights.
 Its just opposit to the Hotel Ocean best, previously called as Hotel Art Center. Night time it has special lighting, over the hotel building and on the sea-side. Its a beautiful view to look at.
You can see the sea, walk around try the popera coffee or have the special sea-food. There are many sea food resturants besides it. The resturants are really famous for the freash sea-food which is being served. There also covered by Korean channels like MBC, KBS etc.
You feel the lovely breeze at night.

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