Saturday, July 14, 2012

Korean BBQ, Khalmegi-saal,Okpo, Geoje-si, South Korea

Well today's blog is about the Korean style BBQ food which is very popular in among young genereation. Last Friday I dined at a restaurant which is most famous in Geoje for the BBQ style food. The resturant name is "Lee Seo" which offers the most amazing BBQ in the town. Korean barbecue are style food has grilled beef, pork, chicken and fish.

In Korean they sometimes call it Gogi Gui , Gogi as I told you means meat and Gui means roasting, Meat Roasting.

Raw marinated meat

The Charcoal grilling
The speciality of the Korean roasting is that in Korea they use charcoal for grilling the meat which make its extremely delicious.
Generally, they marinate the meat in a special sause for more that 24hours and when its grilled. Its so soft and melts in the mouth quickly.
The best part of it is the griller are installed on each table and the customers can grill the meat themselves which is always fun.
Also you can eat it hot as being cooked by yourself.
Ready to eat
Also in Korea you can enjoy the side dishes like Kimchi, Salad etc.
After eat the barbecue meat you can order the main meals, we ordered one doshirak and one ramyeon.
The doshirak here comes with dean-jang jjigea which is different from the doshirak I discussed before.

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 The doshirak is like home-made style which is rice mixed with fried sausage, egg, fish eggs, sea-weed and vegetables. The style of eating is you have to first cut and mix all the ingredients and shake it well.
Its relly yummy. I just love it.
Ready to eat after shaking it well!
It was just awesome dinner. We just love eating the food in this restuarant.
Its really tasty and worth the price.

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. I will be moving to Geoje soon to teach. Thank you for all your blogs it has really helped.


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