Friday, July 27, 2012

Street market or farmers market in South Korea

Thank you for your comments and liking my blog. Well! today I will share my experience about the street market or farmers market in South Korea. Previously, I wrote about the grocery marts in South Korea which are located in each locality.

Generally the street markets are located in the market where the farmers bring the freash vegetables, fruits, kimchi, special snacks, some cheap clohes. The street markets are very popular among korean housewives. They buy the vegetables, fruits, sea-food, fish, kimchi etc from these street market.

 The farmers market offer good price, quality and quantity. Best part is the korean old ladies sell products on a cheap rate, if required you can even bargain the price. The old ladies selling the vegetables keep cleaning or washing the vegetables well.

 Otherwise in a big street market you can find products other than food like clothes, general daily stuff, pans, utensils, decoration items, CDs, DVDs old oncs etc.

 But i might recommend you to buy fresh vegetables from the Korean street market and sometimes you can experience the street food like Thikim(fried food), dakpokki etc. You can even buy the rice cake from there which is home made by ajumas.

 Do have an experience of it!

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