Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 8 Unknown facts about South Korea

There are many facts and figures which are well known about South Korea but there
 are some unknown facts. I have listed top 8 unknown facts on which I keep thinking and pondering:

  •  Christianity was propagated in many Asian countries but it got well rooted in Korea.
  • It is one of the safest country in the world. The crime rate is very low. Though Koreans drink a lot of alcohol but they generally are disciplined. The Koreans are very honest and well behaved. There are very few cases of cheating or theft.
  • Korea was invaded several times. It is surprising how they fought and became the world's 11th wealthiest country in the world
  • Any foreigner for Koreans kids is Migu -Ki i.e American. The geographical knowledge about other countries of Korean kids is little poor. Korean teens have a lot of knowledge about USA.
  • Most of the restaurants in Korea are run by woman. Woman play a strong role in controlling money at home. Though in the past the Korean woman didn't have much say in the family issues.
  • Korean eat a lot and drink beer, soju etc but still they are considered the slimmest country. Most of the Koreans have flat tummy and maintain good body line.
  • Why most of the Korean men eat food so fast?
  • Korean woman are among the top cosmetic users. The Korean woman are very cautious about the make-up which they put daily and keep applying it in the public places.
These unknown facts are based on my experiences in South Korea. 
If you have the answers to these unknown facts just let me know.


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