Monday, June 25, 2012

Surviving in South Korea

Living in South Korea can be fun or can be frustrating, its your choice how you adapt. I have listed about some tips to Survive in South Korea:
  • Love yourself and try to explore the Korean Health massage, treatments to enhance your beauty with Korean cosmetics
  •  Enjoy Shopping in Korea
  • Explore Korean food, there is a variety of different food available in Korea. You must try the cuisines. The smell might be little strange for you but Just trust me you will love the food.
  •  Learn korean numbering system, especially learn korean money in Korean language.
  •  Learn some basic korean for your survival
  •  Make Korean friends, even though your korean friend might be shy to speak English but encourage them to speak and correct the their English and help them
  • Travel Korea as its a beautiful country and take pictures of the scenic beauty.
  • Koreans are really helpful & kind and learn the Korean mannerism.
  •  Korea is a very safe country and people are honest.
  • Koreans love to learn English.
Korea is surely a fun place to be in, with the mix of Asian and Western culture.
Enjoy your stay to the fullest!


  1. I really enjoyed reading tip 1. I I think I need a health massage even now! I have been thinking of teaching English abroad and I am thinking of either going to Korea or Thailand. I just saw some pictures of Jeju Island, and it is definitely making me think Korea has some great scenic spots just as much as Thailand. The only thing I am concerned with is learning their language, which is why it is comforting seeing tip number 8. I was thinking of ordering this program to learn Korean if I were to go so it would make the transition easier. Hopefully it all works out.

  2. Hello Alex, I will strongly recommend you to join in South Korea. The theory of Survival for the fittest, is applicable wherever we go. Jeju island is an exotic island. You will love it. It’s considered the best place in South Korea. Your concern regarding the language barrier should not hinder you. I have been living in South Korea for almost 5years. I can easily find friends speaking in English. They always helped me. Later, I learnt some basic Korean myself which also helped me. In fact English Teachers get a lot of respect here. Let me know if you need any help. Keep checking my blog soon I will blog about Jeju-do and Life of English teachers in South Korea.You can also join my blog for the updates about living in South Korea. So good luck for your new job! Koje blogger

  3. It might a good Koean Language course which you recommended but I think you can join some Korean language courses in Korea. Sometimes the Korean language courses are offered free of cost from the Korean Govt.
    Take care,
    Koje blogger

  4. Thanks for all the advice! I will be sure to stay in touch with your blog.

  5. Its always my pleasure. See my new blog on basic Korean expressions to survive in South Korea:
    Good luck!

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