Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Attractions in Gyeonsang-nam-do Province, South Korea

There are ten major cities in Gyeonsang province.
  • Changwon
  • Geoje
  • Gimhae                                            
  • Jinju
  • Miryang
  • Sacheon
  • Tongyeong
  • Yangsan
  • Masan
  • Jillye-myeon
The biggest Metropolitian cities in this region are Busan and Ulsan, which are among the top 5 biggest cities of South Korea. The province is the south eastern region of South Korea located at the peninsula. Specialities of this province are many, with good agriculture land which provides good vegetables, fruits and sea-food.
The dialect of speaking Korean is also special. Based on the dialect or the accent the Koreans can recognize the people's origin, hence gyeonsang province also has a ttypical korean speaking accent.
The rice, beans, potato, sesame, beans, barley, oyesters are being cultivated and grown in this province.
There beautiful beaches, mountains and valleys in this region, hence special tourist attraction. Also Buddhist temples are famous in this region which adds to the attraction. South Korea's two largest temples are located in this area named Tongdosa Temple in yangsan and Haeinsa temple nearby Hapcheon.
For more information about the temple see the link below:
Tongdosa temple

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