Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to choose Women Clothes and 5 Top brands of Clothes?

The Clothes surely are depicts your fashion style and particularly you. The clothes are really essential part of you and your image. Hence I always survey alot to find the style and fashion which will suit me and my body line.
Woman love themselves and love to decorate themselves and choosing the right kind of clothes adds to your beauty and personality.
Fashion is important to cope with the latest trends but I think its not always necessary because we are not fashion models.
So choose whatever you like and are comfortable to carry.
The most important things to choose your clothes are:
  • Style :  The clothes should be trendy but should look good on you.
  • Comfort: Comfort should be always the prime target, dont buy what you cannot carry?
  • Color: Check you skin tone and match your dress color well.
  • Size: size is a part of the comfort, dont buy too loose or too tight clothes.
  • Mix & match well: You can mix and match your skit, pants with differnt tops & tees.
  • Material of the cloth: Material(like cotton, silk, synthetic etc) of the cloth should suit your skin
  • Laundary issues: Laundary means washing in the machine, hand-wash or dry clean which is better for you.
You have to choose the correct clothes for right occassion. Generally, I love to try different styles on myself and always look for some uniqueness in my clothes. I dont want to change my look with different clothings and accessories. I feel life is beautiful and any change in yourself makes a big difference, in your attitude. Also your mood depends on the clothes you wear that particular day. If I am happy I love to dress-up well otherwise just casually.
It all depends on your choice.
I have found that branded clothes are always eye catcher. The branded clothes stand-out from the normal clothing line.
I feel the branded clothes are wardrobe essentials.
Hence I woould recommend you the Top 5 brands of women's Clothing:
  1. Calvin Klein
  2. Fossils, Guess
  3. Lee, Peppe and Levi's
  4. Trina Turk & Jessica London
  5. Mango
I have bought some stuff from all these brands and believe me. The quality of the clothes is amazing and they have variety of clothes which match well with my choice
You can also try out these brands and also see below for more branded clothes suggestions.
Just see the side bar on my blog. You can choose several branded clothes from the advertisement on the side.
In South Korea, every woman is like a fashion icon as the Koreans are always well dressed and maintain the body well. The clothes industry is on a large scale and woman always choose the latest trends of clothes.
So enjoy shopping!


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