Monday, July 16, 2012

T money card in South Korea

These days T-money card is very popular. Its an easy way to travel in South Korea.Its a re-Chargeable card. The card can be used incase as cash or credit card. The card is a smart card and also a discount card. The card cost 5000won and then you can charge the card in as much cash you want. cost. The card can be charged from banks, family mart etc. There are automatc machines installed to for self charging. The T money card can be used on the bus, subway, metro, on Telephone booth. The best part is you can use this card in many South Korean cities. It is surely a smart way to travel in South Korea.


  1. The Discount cards helps in the attracting of customers and are also very helpful for those people who cannot afford even the medium prices.

  2. Hi Hank, The discount cards are. big relief for the residents. I also use it often. I think you are a new blogger. I saw your blog, its good one. You might check the post on why people blog? on my blog. let me know comments. Its like an addiction.Lets me know if you need some tips.
    good luck, kojeblogger

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