Monday, July 2, 2012

Hwang-Tae gui or Spicy grilled Pollack fish, Geoje-si, South Korea

Today our lunch was Hwang-Tae gui, its kind of grilled spicy Pollack fish. The story behind the making of the fish really interesting, Pollock that is dried during winter is rehydrated with gochujang (red chili paste) sauce and then grilled. In order to make hwangtae, hang on outdoor flake at windy and very cold mountain area for 40-90 days, the pollocks fish are slowly dried by undergoing an uncountable number of days. Pollock meat is changed into a unique texture as the flesh repeatedly contracts and expands during the process. To produce best hwangtae, good climate conditions include intense cold, snow storm and freezing wind are all required. The pollock is transformed into a delicious hwangtae by grilling it.

Below you can see the restuarant name address and phone number.
Its really delicious food.
The restuarant is new one which is recently opened. Just next to Paris Baguette Bakery near seonga and cook, in Okpo.

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