Monday, July 2, 2012

STX KAN, Geoje-Si, South Korea

STX KAN a remarkably big construction company is opening in Geoje-si. It joins the leagues of the giant companies names in the Geoje island, first the DSME, SHI and now STX KAN.
STX KAN are the biggest builders of offshore plants, constructions, houses, housing complex, resorts, roads, bridges, tunnels, advances research complexes etc.
It has several branch office all over the world. Its globally recognized company.
See more information:
STX KAN website
Also STX KAN is building up the STX Hansol: STX apartments, located in Geoje, Sagok-ri San 61-3,Sadeung-myun, Geoje-gun,Gyeongsangnam-do

Size of construction
18 buildings, 2 stories below and 24 above the ground, 1131 households
Surely, the company might open several new opportunities and good housing complexes in Geoje-Si.

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