Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top 12 ways to kill boredom, especialy in South Korea

Bore, Boring, Boredom! its an emotional state which was found in 1852 in a novel from Charles dicksen. Its kind of state or psychology of mind. Its an unpleasant feeling. Also it might be considered to be the dull period or if you are lacking the stimulation or any energy. Might also be considered as a state of depression.

Generally, there can be many reason for it, but its inversely propotional to learning. At times it is associated with the place you live in or loneliness.
I prefer few ways to kill my boredom:
  1. Watch a comedy or romantic movie
  2. Take a walk in the market with lot of people around
  3. Cook a new dish by following a recipe
  4. Clean your home and decorate it
  5. Travel outside your city
  6. Take a long drive
  7. Listen to music
  8. Write a blog
  9. Read a book
  10. Sleeping also helps
  11. Go for a work-out
  12. Play games online or outdoor
Whenever you feel bored, just change the state of your mind and try to do something which makes you happy.
Cultivate a hobby and try to be social with people.
In Geoje Island you might feel bored as its a small island, and has a slow life.
You can join some club in Geoje as mentioned in my previous blog.
There are several activities going on for the home-makers or some woman's club.
Also you can photography and walk on a sea-side.
So just enjoy your life to the fullest, make a lot of friends and love yourself!

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