Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 7 Vegetarian Food in South Korea

Vegetarian people who travel to South Korea might have little hard time to find the right kind of food for themselves. Specially! who dont even eat egg and fish. You should prefer cooking their own food. Its the best way to survive here. But if you have tried the food in South Korean buddist Temple, its purely Vegetarian food.
I am here to list up the Top Five Vegetarian food of South Korea:
  • BibimBap is the prime vegetarian food. Its a mix of many vegetables with rice and spicy sause. But sometimes they put beef in it. So you should ask to remove the beef.

  • Daenchang  jjigae is the pure vegetarian soup.

  • Bokumpbap is the fried rice with vegetable. There are a variety of bokum bhap, so one has to be careful.

  • Sun-dubu jjigae is a very healthy food with lot of Tofu in it.

  • Ramyan are the special korean noodles which are available with different flavours in the market. you can choose the vegetarian one.

  • Chapchae is another type of  Korean noodle which is very thin and cooked with vegetables

  • Kimchi is also healthy and is available in a varieties. 
Also another two important things to remember for vegetarians.
  • The Meat is called GOGI is Korean. You must check always that there is no GOGI in the food with the cook.
  • You should buy salt with Iodine, that are available in mart, because Koreans get the iodine content for their body through several food made up of meat. But for Veggies they might loose on it.
Enjoy your stay in Korea!


  1. I love veg Korean food!

    For lots of free info and links about the *many* benefits of vegetarianism (and the many problems with the production and consumption of meat), please visit (and share)

    Eco-Eating at www.brook.com/veg

  2. Thank you for sharing the link! Yes i also love korea food specially veggie food.
    Keep in track with my blog for more info and keep commenting


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