Sunday, July 8, 2012

Geoje foreigner club and Hash Harrier Club

Geoje Foreigner's Club is a non-profit organization and running several activities for the expats. The events and club restaurant is restricted to the Club members. The associated club with the foreigners club is the Geoje Hash Harrier's club. you can join the club which promotes good health.

The Hash House Harriers begun in 1938 with an Englishman named Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert, in what is now Malaysia. now there are alot of worldwide hashing clubs. So you will be hapy to know the Geoje is also having one of the Hash club.
You join the trips with them.
You can maintain your fitness and also increase your thirst and can quench it by drinking beer.
Its a running drinking club. Just fun and crazy club. I joined twice or thrice, it has been a good experience.
Its an international club from different people from different countries.
you can thorougly enjoy with the group.
Geoje Hash Harriers

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