Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to use Chopstick in Korea?

If you love Korean food. Its really essential to use the chopsticks, in order to enjoy the Korean food in Korean style. Chopsticks were invented in China but are being used in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Nepal.
It might be difficult for those who are using it first time so here are some tips:
1. You have to use your index finger, middle finger and the thumb to grip the chopsticks.
2. Put the other chopstick between the ring finger and bottom of the thumb
3. Then move the upper chopstick to pick the food.
4. Dont forget it needs practice to master it.
The Koreans are really skillful at it.
Also it is proven sceintifically that constant use of chopstick improves your brain.
It is world known that Koreans are really good in medical surgeries which is also related to their skills in using the chopsticks.
So give it a try! Otherwise you always keep the fork handy.

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  1. In Korea personalized chopsticks, they are mostly made from stainless steel while those used in China and Japan are usually made of wood. Another difference is that Korean chopsticks not the same length as those used in China and Japan.


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