Sunday, July 8, 2012

World first Virtual Shopping Store in Korea

You dont need to go to a mart or any mall to shop your grocery and stuff. While waiting for the subway or metro, you can easily shop all your items on the subway station. Its so surprising as Korea opens the first virtual shooping store with LCD display, on Seoul subway station.
The walls of the Seonreung subway station in downtown Seoul have the virtual displays of over 500 of the most popular products with barcodes which customers can scan using the Homeplus app on their smartphones and get delivered right to their doorstep.
Best part is you just need to scan the bar codes, if the orders are placed before 1pm at noon the items will already be delivered at their home when they reach home. It surely gives speed and convenience for the shopping.
You just need your support phone and the homeplus tesco application installed on your mobile.
More details of the Virtual store

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