Monday, July 16, 2012

Job as an English Teacher: application requirements & benefits, South Korea

In Korea the best opportunity to work is to be an English Teacher. There is a tremendous requirement for English teachers at nick and corner of this country. English teacher job is the most in demand. The Korean Education system does not have a good curriculam for teaching English. Previously and now also some schools have considered English as secondary language and didnt focus on it. Hence Korean citizen suffered from global recognition and also at many platforms in their life. But now Korea is surely on their changing phase where we find Korean Govt. has made a big effort in propogating English Language through all kinds of modes like TV, Radio, Schools, Universities etc. Its diffciult to mention but almost every corner they have spread the informatio to to Learn English. It has also become mandatory to have a good English TOEIC Score in order to get a good job in Korea.

Somehow English language has become a reason for Stress for Koreans. Generally, Koreans are really shy to speak to foreigners. A good english teacher surely have a very good chance for getting a highly paid job. If you are looking for a job as English teacher in South Korea, you must fullfill these requirements:
First and Formeost is that you have to be native speaker and so your nationality automatically is Important. Secondly,they chec your backgroud with some previous employment or experience certificate, license teacher certificate, also Health check-up is done. You might also need the Police verification certificate and your valid degrees. Also they sometimes check your birth certificate. In Korea they prefer young or middle aged English teachers. Surely you need to have a vlid passport, Resume, and recommendation letters. Benefits of working as an English Teacher:
So as you see there are several benefits of this job. But the job is really compititive. If you have any question, feel free to comment on the blog. Good luck!

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