Monday, July 16, 2012

Madame Tussaud(Wax Museum) in South Korea

The wax museum of London has been growing its popularity over the years. Its a unique museum which displays the iconics or famous celebrities in  wax figures.
The celebrities which are popular around the world from any part of the world have been waxed there.
Also it is a sign of prestige for most of the celebrities who have been waxed and also a sign of pride for their home countries.
In order to visit such a museum, you need not fly to London , now we can have the glimpse of such wax figures in South Korea and can enjoy it.

You can have the experience of the museum as the Madame Tussade exhibition will be held in Busan.
Please the website below:
Madame Tussaud


  1. hi,,, when is it?give me a more detale ,

  2. hello chmara hetti,
    The exhibihition will be held in Shinsegea sixth floor . I will send you thewebsite in your email. its already started in shinsegea busan.
    there are 13 wax figures and entry fee is 9,000won
    be in touch with my blog for more updates on latest events.
    join my site , from the side bar by clicking join my site and join me in facebook.
    enjoy life, kojeblogger

    1. Thanks for the email. Its always my pleasure to give the information.


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