Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steps of Ship Construction, Geoje Yard, South Korea

Geoje is surround by Giant ships which is just amazing. It adds to the beauty of the Island. Sometimes I wonder how they make some giant structures. The major ship yards are running 24hours and developing huge products with lot of precision, accuracy and quality. Heads off to Korean techniques and the hard working attitude. Hence DSME, SHI and HHI hold the world the top three positions in the world.
Walking and wondering!
I can see the giants blocks, heavy machinery, big and small cranes from my window, but sometimes I wonder whats going on inside the company.

How they make from the steel and aluminium sheets to the big structures? thats amazing!

So i listed up the steps in ship construction in a very simple way. See the steps below:
Ship Block!
Wow! these steps seem to be very simple but I know its a joint work of each & every employee and the vendor companies which are working day & night.
Hence its called the Triple D job which means, Dirty, Deadly and Dangerous job.

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