Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why do people blog? 10 reasons for blogging!

I also think about it. Why I am blogging? What is the reason? What is the Motivation? These days I am addicted to blogging. So I want to list up about why do people blog:
  •  They want to reach out to people and internet is the best way.
  •  These days socializing is not so common as in the previous years. So social networking has become a fever for people.
  • Its a safe way to put your opinion. Sometimes people dont have good communication skills but they can write well. 
  •  From my childhood days I loved to write a diary on daily basis, so blogging is better nowadays rather than you using a pen to write.
  •  Yes we can reach out to the world through the globalization and such tools in hands, hence now you can get readership of millions of people from different parts of the world, which is increditable. 
  •  Its a better way to make friends with similar interest and reach out to people domestically and internationally
  • Its the best way to raise an issue and get global the support 
  •  Find people with same experience and similar problems 
  •  Sometimes blogging is fun if you are living away from your home country and you dont have your family and friends around you.
  • Sometime you have really experienced something which is very unique and want to share.
 So what is blogging and why we blog? might have several answers but I just love to blog. In simple terms, its the best way to globalize yourself with sharing experiences and reading some experiences. Sharing everyday story with someone makes me feel happy. So just blog blog and blog!

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