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Budae-jjige: Army stew, Nolbu, Geoje, Korea

Budae jjigae is still popular in South Korea. The dish often incorporates modern ingredients such as instant ramen noodles and sliced cheese. Other ingredients may include sliced sausages, baked beans, dropwort, onions, green onions, tteok, tofu, chili peppers, macaroni, garlic, mushrooms and other vegetables in season.
It was cooked for the army soldiers but now its popular in korea as a fusion food.

Okpo has two Nolbu resturants. You can taste it and try the new food.



Study in South Korea

The Korean universities have excellent research facilities and have several government grants. But the Korean professors are extremely choosy to select the right candidate for their laboratory. The Koreans in general like to work hard and produce good quality outputs with good publications.
There are several governament scholarships which a student can apply through the Korean Professor:
1. KRF, Korean Research fellowship for foreigners
2. Brain Korea Fellowship
3. Sometimes individual universities support few students
4. Sometimes professor has several projects by which he can support you
The tution fees for the university is generally high, which can be sometimes 50% wiaved based on your scores.
All Korean University has an International Department which takes care of all the foreigner students.
Its better to live in the university dormatories which are cheap, otherwise if you cannot eat the Korean food, it better to take a studio apartment with a kitchen, near the university.
If you are interested in Ph.D, you should choose your professor carefully, with the same reseach background.
Generally, Korean university provides you with free korean language courses conducted by some students and also the university gives a six months korean langauage course which is covers the basics.

The few of the universities of Korea:
3. Seoul National University
4. Korea University
5. Hanyang University
6. Pusan National University

Good luck for the aspiring candidates!

Movers & packers in South Korea

SMK - Safe Moving Korea, Domestic & Overseas Furniture Removal

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