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Demerits of Living in Geoje Island, South Korea

Demerits of living in Geoje island

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Geoje-si being an island has its own good and bad points. Living here can be fun and as well as at times boring. I would like write some points about it.

n         Geoje-si Island is considered to be an expensive city. So if you compare the food cost, living cost and everything is comparatively expensive than Seoul and Busan.
n         Lack of Variety, you dont have much choices for restuarants as the big city.
n         Branded shops are rare, you dont find many brands here, you have to depend on online shopping.
n         Delivery of post or shopping parcels are little slow to arrive as they are directed from the main post-offices which are located in big cities.
n         There is no International High school. There is only one International school which is for the young children.
n         There is no university in this Island, only one Koje College which is of medium standards. There are few opportunities to find a job.
n         The city is not lively or energetic with young crowd. It has two major ship-building companies in this Island so generally the crowd is the employees and their families.
n         There are no subways/metro/tubes or trains and also no airport.
n         If you plan to visit Seoul, only option is bus or taxi, or going via Busan.
n         Geoje Island is not a well-developed Island. Still several constructions are always going on.
n         There is no fashion sense in Geoje as the adults are generally in their Company uniform from Morning till night and the kids or young are in their school uniform.
n         There is no night life as such, just some old man drinking and moving on the streets in their company dress.
n         Shopping is not at all a fun here, as there is not much shopping complex, there is only one Homeplus in Gohyun, otherwise we need to drive very far to Tongyeong to reach lotte and e-mart.
n         There are only two cinema halls/ theater.
n         There are few hospitals and rarely do you find the doctor speaking in English.

The list can be endless if you see the other-side of life , but these points are not to discourage or depress anyone, just some facts which need to be improved in Geoje-si. Since I have been living here for such a long time I have seen drastic improvements here, hence I am loving it.
Wait for my next blog which will potray the positive side of the living in the same place

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