Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Astonishing facts about Religion in South Korea

Before I came to South Korea I always thought that China, Japan and Korea are following the Buddhist Religion. When I started living here I found some astonishing facts about South Korea religion and their beliefs.
 If you see the figures about the Koreans following Buddhism are only 22% of the whole poulation. Though there are many beautiful budha temple in South Korea. Second in the figures is Christianity, in which around 18% are protentant christians and only 10.8% are Catholics. Also there are many Church in South Korea. I have also attended few prayers there.
3. The highest in figure are people with no religion is South Korea which caters to almost 46.5% of the Korean population, i.e almost half of the population.

4. So there is a very clear distinction between the people who have no belief's in their life. I have also seen people who are Buddhist or Christians but do not have the right knowldege to practice it or havent been to Church or temple even once in their life.

5. Sometimes you might meet people in Korean whose mom is buddhist and Her son is Christian or any kind of multi-religion families. Its astonishing but true at times I think there is no such strong faith about heavenly dieties in South Korea.

Hence they confirm that they have no religion. Buddhism in Korea came from the influence of China whereas Christianity was propogated by American missionaries in South Korea. But these days trends are being changed as I can see some buddhist monks and Christian missionary making an effor to propogate the religions on the streets of South Korea.

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