Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PSY: Horse-riding signature step

“Gangnam Style" goes viral!

PSY has stole the show from most of the KPOP singers. Especially his horse riding step has become his signature step.

PSY’s press conferences have gathered a number of foreign media outlets from the U.S., France, and Singapore and a few leading channels including NBC and BBC. The most popular step was the main attraction of his performance, the famous horse-riding dance.

PSY surely is reborn as a global star. The most famous is his cow-boy dance or the horse riding dance steps.
He said“I thought I had already achieved five or even ten times more success than I had expected in Korea before I left for the U.S., but now, I just can’t believe what’s happening in front of my eyes,” said PSY during a press conference following his return. “I express my gratitude for the love and enthusiasm for my song and my music video and I will work harder to let the world know the singer PSY.”
“I will perform the horse-riding dance topless among a dense crowd. Wouldn’t City Hall Plaza be the most potential spot?”
PSY expressed his interest in the colorful parodies of “Gangnam Style” being uploaded these days. He said he keeps watching them every day, and was struck this morning by a parody performed by the marching band of Ohio State University.
Now the PSY video is available in 3D also.
How to do Horse dance?

Learn the horse-riding dance steps:

I just love the song!

"Chuseok" a Wonderful festival, South Korea

알림 아이콘
Chuseok (추석) is considered the biggest and most important holiday in Korea. It is a time when family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors for the abundant harvest.

Chuseok is a festival of colors and lot of good food. The flavor of certain Korean dishes are unique for this fetsival.  Although there are many tasty treats or dishes during the harvest season, the one that stands out above all else is songpyeon, traditional Chuseok rice cakes.

Learn to make Songpyeon

The filling in rice cake is made by  green soybeans and sesame are used as ingredients for
the filling. Specially the Songpyeon is then steamed in a layer of pine needles, leaving a pattern on
the finished songpyeon along with an appetizing  scent. After all the necessary steps are taken,
rice cakes that have been filled and prepared are steamed in an earthenware steamer. The finished product will have a faint but fragrant scent, along with a deliciously chewy texture
that makes for a mixture of flavors and sublime tastes. Songpyeon is a tasty treat usually enjoyed during Chuseok, and there are many reasons for this.

Importance of Songpyeon in Chuseok
  • Songpyeon is stuffed with ingredients such as red beans and other kinds of beans, and they are meant to symbolize the fulfillment of one’s knowledge or studies.
  • The five cardinal colored songpyeon are supposed to represent vitality or energy, and the five basic elements that make up our universe. On the eve of Chuseok, all the family members gatheraround the table and make songpyeon.
  • They try to make pretty shapes because there is the belief that if you make pretty songpyeon, you will have a beautiful daughter.
Chuseok for Expats
See the link below:

Wishing you all a very Happy Chuseok and happy Holidays!

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