Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PSY: Horse-riding signature step

“Gangnam Style" goes viral!

PSY has stole the show from most of the KPOP singers. Especially his horse riding step has become his signature step.

PSY’s press conferences have gathered a number of foreign media outlets from the U.S., France, and Singapore and a few leading channels including NBC and BBC. The most popular step was the main attraction of his performance, the famous horse-riding dance.

PSY surely is reborn as a global star. The most famous is his cow-boy dance or the horse riding dance steps.
He said“I thought I had already achieved five or even ten times more success than I had expected in Korea before I left for the U.S., but now, I just can’t believe what’s happening in front of my eyes,” said PSY during a press conference following his return. “I express my gratitude for the love and enthusiasm for my song and my music video and I will work harder to let the world know the singer PSY.”
“I will perform the horse-riding dance topless among a dense crowd. Wouldn’t City Hall Plaza be the most potential spot?”
PSY expressed his interest in the colorful parodies of “Gangnam Style” being uploaded these days. He said he keeps watching them every day, and was struck this morning by a parody performed by the marching band of Ohio State University.
Now the PSY video is available in 3D also.
How to do Horse dance?

Learn the horse-riding dance steps:

I just love the song!

"Chuseok" a Wonderful festival, South Korea

알림 아이콘
Chuseok (추석) is considered the biggest and most important holiday in Korea. It is a time when family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors for the abundant harvest.

Chuseok is a festival of colors and lot of good food. The flavor of certain Korean dishes are unique for this fetsival.  Although there are many tasty treats or dishes during the harvest season, the one that stands out above all else is songpyeon, traditional Chuseok rice cakes.

Learn to make Songpyeon

The filling in rice cake is made by  green soybeans and sesame are used as ingredients for
the filling. Specially the Songpyeon is then steamed in a layer of pine needles, leaving a pattern on
the finished songpyeon along with an appetizing  scent. After all the necessary steps are taken,
rice cakes that have been filled and prepared are steamed in an earthenware steamer. The finished product will have a faint but fragrant scent, along with a deliciously chewy texture
that makes for a mixture of flavors and sublime tastes. Songpyeon is a tasty treat usually enjoyed during Chuseok, and there are many reasons for this.

Importance of Songpyeon in Chuseok
  • Songpyeon is stuffed with ingredients such as red beans and other kinds of beans, and they are meant to symbolize the fulfillment of one’s knowledge or studies.
  • The five cardinal colored songpyeon are supposed to represent vitality or energy, and the five basic elements that make up our universe. On the eve of Chuseok, all the family members gatheraround the table and make songpyeon.
  • They try to make pretty shapes because there is the belief that if you make pretty songpyeon, you will have a beautiful daughter.
Chuseok for Expats
See the link below:

Wishing you all a very Happy Chuseok and happy Holidays!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food that smells like a Sportman's feet: Cheonggukjang, South Korea

Today my lunch was with one of my close friend who introduced a vegetable soup similar to Deonjang but is more fermented, called Cheong-guk-jang.
The Cheong-guk-jang is made up of potato, soya bean and tofu, is well fermented. It really has a very strong smell which might be unbearable to many people.
The smell is like some rotten food or foot smell or dead body smell. Some people also say the ultimate stinky ass food.
Though I couldn't bear the smell and so didn't eat it.


But the food is considered very healthy and nutritious. My Korean friend just loved eating it and enjoyed it.
It was a bad experience for me. Later, I grabbed a McD burger and enjoyed my meal.
Do share your good or bad experiences by writing a comment!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Korean Wife

I am sharing somebody's experience which I received as a forwarded email:

    Experiences are as follows:
  • You own two refrigerators, and one is just used for storing Kimchee.
  • She gets upset if you refer to the above as the Kimchee Box.
  • She gets upset if you put anything other than Kimchee in the Kimchee Box.
  • She lacks common sense, or for the politically correct: Faulty Logic.
  • You have more than one type of Kimchee.
  • She assures you that the meat bought in the open market is better, even if it still has the AAFES tag on it.
  • Believes that any product bought in the open market is better, even if it still has the AAFES tag on it.
  • She has 101 uses for Soju.
  • She uses Soju as a cleaning product.
  • She uses Soju for medical purposes. (Disinfectant.)
  • She will go to an American restaurant to eat Korean Food and insists that it tastes better than served in a Korean restaurant.
  • She believes wearing platform shoes is sexy.
  • She wears a mini skirt in the winter, then complains that it is cold.
  • The main ingredient in the food you eat at home is garlic.
  • She eats non-Korean food with Kimchee.
  • She won't eat spoiled food, but does not have a problem with Kimchee.
  • You own a dining room table that is less than 1 foot high.
  • You own more chopsticks than you do forks and spoons.
  • She doesn't drink tap water until after it's been boiled, but she'll make ice with it.
  • She thinks fish head soup is a delicacy.
  • You can not watch TV on Mondays because the puzzle show is on.
  • You can not watch TV on Sunday because Super Sunday is on.
  • You don't rent videos unless they are subtitled.
  • A meal is not complete without Kimchee.
  • She won't eat American food unless served with a side of Kimchee.
  • She believes that the floor is more comfortable to sleep on than the bed.
  • You have an electric blanket on 356 days a year.
  • You turn on a fan in the summer but still have the electric blanket on.
  • You burn your butt sitting on the floor.
  • You believe that controlled drugs can be bought over the counter.
  • You go to the pharmacy to buy an IV.
  • You do not own any chairs in your house.
  • You refuse to own any Japanese products in your house.
  • The only thing she knows how to do on your computer is play solitaire.
  • Everyone she introduces you to is either a brother or a sister.
  • Her immediate family moves into your house permanently.
  • Everything in your house either has the logo Samsung or LG.
  • She can't buy clothes unless they have a logo on them.
  • She owns a beeper/pager that has a gold chain attached to it.
  • She gets mad when you flush toilet paper down the toilet.
  • She won't buy clothes from a store that is going out of business because she believes there is something wrong with the clothes.
  • She believes that 1000 Won is enough money for lunch.
  • She believes going out to dinner is going down the street to the Soju tent.
  • You eat Ramen and kimchee for breakfast.
  • You go to the open market to buy one thing and leave with both arms full.
  • You own more than one type of Ramen in your house.
  • She believes that Ramen, Rice, Soju, and Kimchee are the 4 basic food groups.
  • You answer the phone in your house with "YOBO-SAY-O."
  • You heat a dried squid over an open flame.
  • You eat dried squid with mayonnaise.
May be you can share your positive or negative experiences below.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Robots of DSME at Yeoso Expo 2012, South Korea

The Robots DSME pavillion at Yeouso Expo the most famous and much appreciated by the viewers. The pavilion was run by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. and it's clustered together with the other big Korean companies inside the expo.
There were 73 robots which were displayed at the Pavillion.
The most famous of them was the Humanoid Robot from America, named Charli. Charli Robot was also well versed in korean language. Hence it became really popular.

Other British robot Thespian, French robot NAO, Korean tallest robot Nabi, female warrior robot EveR were also displayed.
Special robots were displayed who play soccer and also dancing Robots were exhibited who danced on K-Pop songs.

The best were the Fish robot and snake Robot.regards,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Plastic beauties in South Korea

The aesthetics (cosmetics) and reconstructive surgeries. Aesthetics surgery is focused on enhancing certain body features or changing a certain part to make it conform to the looks that we want to have which is called PLASTIC SURGERY.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is the gift from God.

Plastic surgery has become a biggest trend in South Korea. I am just amazed that many of my close friends have also undergone the plastic surgery. Sometimes I wonder! what is the need for it? My friend said that there is no harm in improving one's beauty. I still believe "Natural is always beautiful". Even though with plastic surgery one can look extra beautiful but its temporary and has many side effects.

On a lighter side just see below:
Most famous plastic Surgeries for Woman:
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Nose Correction surgery
  • Ear Correction
  • Facelift
  • Neck list
  • Chin Lift
  • Brow lift
  • Lip augmentation
  • Forehead surgery
  • Botox lift
  • Breast enhancement
  • Wrinkles correction
  • Tummy trimming
  • Cheek Implantation
The plastic surgeries are not only common among woman but man also getting conscious for their looks.
Most famous plastic Surgeries for Man:
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Male breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Ear correction
  • Nose surgery
Also there are several names for these surgeries like Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Abdominal etching, Otoplasty, Septolasty etc.

These surgeries are damn expensive and requires several sittings and visits to the Hospital.
There have been mixed reactions on this topic. Plastic surgeons' business is booming up day by day. But every plastic surgeon is not skillful.
See some good and bad results of plastic surgery Good & bad results.
There are several articles on the growing interest in Plastic surgery Plastic Surgery in South Korea
See the statistics:

South Korea Tops in Plastic surgeries. The trend was started in USA and it grew drastically and captured the Korean markets.

The famous Korean celebrities reveal their stories of plastic surgery openly which attracts the major audiences. 

Plastic surgery has become so common due to the image-obsessed society in Korea. Surprising part is the Korean mothers buy their daughters surgeries as gifts. Also the young women grow up thinking they’ll never find love or career success if they don’t fix their faces. I think the Korean society is extremely superstitious or not confident or insecure about their looks. The society around them plays an important role and slowly becomes a fashion or trend to fix their body.
The Plastic Surgeon propagate that these surgeries will increase the self-confidence, self-esteem, confidence of the person. The positivity increases, better socialization process and may even improve the interaction skills. Correcting certain malformations in the face and body can help the person function better and more comfortably.
I am not totally against it but I feel there are several ugly reflections of it. There are many risks, complication and side-effects of these surgeries. It can adversely affect the health of the person.
Some of the risks are as follows:
  • Allergies
  • Increased blood pressures
  • Excessive bleeding or swelling
  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Blood clots
  • Loss of sensation
  • Implant ruptures
  • Inflammations
  • Implant leakages
  • Rippling or irregularities
  • Severe fluid loss
  • Nerve damage
  • Skin damage
  • Burns
  • Fat clots
  • Prolonged healing time
It depends on the person how they foresee their future.
But I am really surprised to see the growing plastic world around me.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

5 unique things to do in Paradise of Leisure: Jeju-do

I am back from the Jeju-do trip but I still remember  the fun-filled time spent in Jeju-do.
Jeju-do has several unique things which we can do only n Jeju Island. So it is called the Paradise of leisure.
 The fun things which I did in Jeju are follows:




Jeju-do is a place to relax and popular spot for the honeymoon couples.
You can enjoy the special and unique sport and fun things which are available in Jeju-do only.
You must plan your trip to cover the fun spots in Jeju-do.

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