Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 10 facts of Korean History

Koreans are born with good manners, patience, hard working attitude, and intense love for their mother land.Tan-gun was the founder of Korea. His father was considered a heavily diety who had shown his interest to live on earth. The philosophy about Korean are endless but I am here to share about the top 10 facts of Korean history:
  1.  Koreans emerged from pre-historic North Asia. They use to hunt and animals and survived. Lately, they started growing rice.By the bronze age they started developing good metal tools.
  2.  Since 1st century three major kingdoms grew named, Goguyeo, Baekje and Shilla.These kingdoms were very strong and famous. Later they were unified Goryeo Dynasty.In this dynasty civil laws were identified and the buddhism was considered as the religion. 
  3. Then came Josun Dynasity with a new king , who laid several civil, social and adminstratitive laws. Hangul came as the national language and dialect.
  4.  Josun dynasty faced several foreign invasion espeally from Japan. They titled it as Korean Empire.
  5.  Several Resistance movement took place and in 1945, division of North and South Korea was done. The divison Created several tensions between the Democratic and Communist which led to Korean war in 1950,as North Korea invaded South Korea.
  6. Korean pottery has been a very famous and several artifacts have been found in teh Korean peninsula. 
  7.  There has been several facts which show the existence of Chinese records in North Korea.
  8. A small Jin state was established in 300B.C which was made in relation with China.
  9.  Gaya was also a small kingdom which hailed near a river. It was constantly in war with the three kingdoms.Gaya King had married an Indian queen, most famous expatriate Queen Hwangok of Gaya.  
  10.  King Taejo identified Seoul as the Capital of South Korea which was previously called Hanyang. The word Korea was derived from Goreoyeo Kingdom.
Also it is called the land of morning calm. The art and music of Korea are very much dedicated to Nature.
Korea has been gifted by several natural sites with the mountains around, river coast, sea, beaches, islands. The most famous ancient sports of Korea are taekwando, Hapkido(martial arts),and Ssireuim(wrestling). Modern Korea has made several developments in science and technology with their good education system and immense hard work. The modern Korea is a blend of historic philosophies and new technology which is worth to visit and experience.

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