Sunday, August 5, 2012

Status of South Korea in Olympics 2012

Korea has been considered a big competition for other countries in the Olympics. The score for Korea is going good and it is included in the list of Top ten favorite countries of London Olympics by CNN. There are very high expectations from Korean athletes. The  performance of Korean athletes is so far excellent. The Koreana athletes grabbed 9 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. This is an excellent performance.

 South Korean team was awarded the best dressed in the London Olympics.
The medals are received in Archery, Fencing, judo, shooting, swimming and badminton.
Best wishes for the Korean Athletes!
Keep fighting!

Top 6 Chicken dishes in South Korea

I love Korean food.My favorite dishes in Korean cuisines are endless but I would like to list up my top 6 Chicken dishes in Korea especially for Chicken lovers. Please see the following list : 

  •  Samyetang ( Chicken Soup with Ginseng) Its a special Chicken soup with a special herb called Ginseng. The food is served on a hot day. It is considered as a healthy food with proteins, minerals and hormones from a young chicken stew.
  • Dak galbi ( Spicy marinated Chicken) The boneless marinated chicken is stir fried on the charcoal. The dish is a mix of cabbages, potatoes and capsicum. Optional rice or noodle can be added in it.
  • Dakdoritang(Spicy chicken soup with potatoes) It's a traditional Chicken soup with potatoes and has spicy flavour. Succulent chicken pieces are used such as chicken thigh and breast. It also has carrots and is served with rice.

  • Chickengas (Chicken cutlet) Similar to Dongas (pork cutlet), the Chickengas is available is some restaurants. It's the fried Chicken cutlet which is served with sauce, rice and salad.

  • Fried Chicken It's the most popular night food. The fried Chicken shops are open till late night. You can order at home or eat at the restaurant. There are variety of flavours from the most spicy, sweet and sour and mild ones. It is generally served with cola or beer.

  •  Chim dak (Sweet Soy Sause Chicken) It's sweet and spicy flavoured Chicken with the thin Korean noodles, vegetables(like potato, sweet potato and carrots) and cooked in Soy sause. Generally, it is served with rice. Really yummy!

All the dishes are delicious.
Though Samgyetang is top in my list of favorites.
Enjoy eating!

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