Friday, August 10, 2012

Wall of Sound to kill Dolphins

Sad but true
Soon Dolphins will become extinct !
Technique to Kill the Dolphins:
Using a technique called drive fishing, hunters in a line of motorized boats create a “wall of sound” between the dolphins and the open ocean by banging on metal poles lowered into the water; the poles have bell-shaped devices at one end to amplify the sound. The dolphins, who rely on sonar to navigate, are immediately disoriented and terrified and swim frantically to shore to escape the noise. There they are corralled into a small cove and trapped overnight by nets; at sunrise the next morning they are herded into an adjacent “killing cove,” where they are stabbed to death by hunters using harpoons, fish hooks, and knives. The emerald waters of the cove literally turn red with the animals’ blood. Some injured or exhausted dolphins simply drown.

Dolphin meat is also a part of food. The dolphins are dragged by their tails and slaughtered.

I really hope we can save and protect the dolphins.

Save the dolphins:

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