Monday, June 25, 2012

KITCO ABIDORE HOtel in Okpo, Geoje

A new hotel will be opening shortly as they have the opening ceremony on June 30, 2012.
Just check out information the website:

Guide book for Gyeonsang-nam-do residents

If you have several questions about living in South Korea or living in Gyeonsang-nam-do province, here is a solution for you, please follow the link to dowload the guide-book:

Surviving in South Korea

Living in South Korea can be fun or can be frustrating, its your choice how you adapt. I have listed about some tips to Survive in South Korea:
  • Love yourself and try to explore the Korean Health massage, treatments to enhance your beauty with Korean cosmetics
  •  Enjoy Shopping in Korea
  • Explore Korean food, there is a variety of different food available in Korea. You must try the cuisines. The smell might be little strange for you but Just trust me you will love the food.
  •  Learn korean numbering system, especially learn korean money in Korean language.
  •  Learn some basic korean for your survival
  •  Make Korean friends, even though your korean friend might be shy to speak English but encourage them to speak and correct the their English and help them
  • Travel Korea as its a beautiful country and take pictures of the scenic beauty.
  • Koreans are really helpful & kind and learn the Korean mannerism.
  •  Korea is a very safe country and people are honest.
  • Koreans love to learn English.
Korea is surely a fun place to be in, with the mix of Asian and Western culture.
Enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Admiral Hotel in Geoje

The Admiral hotel is one of the famous luxury hotel in Geoje.It is run by DSME. The rooms are deluxe type and very clean. The Admiral hotel service is really good. You can enjoy the buffet. There two resturants within the hotel: 1.Western Restuarant 2.Korean and Japanese Restuarant The Admiral hotel coffee shop Jarena has finished the renovation and now will be re-opened on 30June,2012 There is morning Buffet, salad lunch buffet and dinner For information Inqirues:Jarena 055 681 3761

Korean Baseball

April is the month when Koreans plan to play baseball. The Korean professional baseball leagues was originally founded six teams. Presently there are eight famous korean team. The professional teams are named after the company named, that own them each team has their own home stadium. The list of Korean baseball team names are as follows: Lotte Giants Hanwha Eagles Kia Tigers SK Wyverns Doosan Bears LG Twins Samsung Lions Nexen Heroes The Koreans really enjoy the baseball game.The teams are divided into two regions West and East.There are several cheer leaders for different teams. The stadiums are full when the game and the matches are on. Koreans really love baseball. Lotte giants represents Busan and Geoje area.

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