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Check list for expats leaving South Korea

 There are many things or issues which need to be taken care before your leave South Korea. The whole process might take at least two weeks or so. One should prepare in advance for getting the final clearance. I have made a checklist for the expats leaving Korea. Please see below:
  • Experience certificate
  • Reliving certificate from employer 
  • Recommendation letter from the Senior
  • Residence proof of your stay and duration.
  •  Police verification from the nearest police station that you have no criminal records there.
  •  Keep copies of Korean ID, Driving ID, Gas Bills, Electricity Bills.
  • Translate all Korean documents to English and get attested from legal advisor.
  •  Or get attested from govt officer preferably attested with seal.
  • Withdraw national pension from National pension office National Pension
  • Dispose off your car (if you have any)Scrap your car , Sell your car
  • Convert Korean won to USD or Euros Money conversion
  •  Close your Korean Bank Account (after withdrawing / transferring all your money)
  •  Take your tax clearance certificate in Korea from National Tax Dept.Tax Office
  • Collect your severance pay be leaving the bank account details of your home country Severance pay
  • Apartment Rental contracts with heavy fixed deposits should be terminated
  • Employment Insurance and Workers insurance may be collected which is a high amount of money. It is generally deducted every month from your salary and can be received at the end. But the rule may not be valid for all expats, it depends on your employment contract.Employment insurance
  • Terminate your NHIC, National Health Insurance Cooperation.Health Insurance
  • Clear all electricity, water etc bills.Electricity
  • Inform immigration office and submit your alien card
  • Cancel your credit card and mobile service
  • Claim your Air-ticket and extra baggage charges from your employer (if mentioned in your contract)
 Give your comments or suggestions, if you want to add some more to do the list.

Good luck and Best Wishes!

Traditional dress of South Korea for Chuseok

The traditional Korean dresses are beautiful with vibrant colors.
The dress is considered a formal wear which is worn on special days like weddings, festivals (like Chuseok) etc. It's beautiful to see the families in their traditional clothing.
The design of hanbok are generally inspired from their historical tombs and historical paintings. The hanbok was an influence of multiple invasions in Korea.

HANBOK(for woman) =Jeogori(Top part)+ Chima(sleeveless one piece)

HANBOK(for Man) =Jeogori/Coat(Top part)+ Paji(Pants)



 Various accessories such as foot gear, jewelry, and head-dresses or hair pins completed the outfit.

The hanbok give a very elegant and decent look to Korean couples.
Also the Hanbok may be considered as the beautiful ceremonial robe.
The cultural dress is very comfortable with loose fittings. It is also called the costume of winds with the voluminous look, which retained air within. It depicts  as the symbol of the Korean culture and the cultural heritage which generally mesmerizes the non-Koreans.
I love the elegance of the dress.
Best regards,

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