Sunday, August 26, 2012

Save yourself from Typhoon, South Korea 2012

The news and radio channels are announcing the residents and expats in Korea to cover the windows to avoid Typhoon damages.


This will protect your glass windows and your home.
You might have the windows broken with the strong winds of the Typhoon.

Method I: Cover your windows with the newspaper

  •  Take a Clean newspaper
  •  Spray some water on the windows
  • Stick the newspaper on the window

Protection from Typhoon
Method II Cross tape your windows to protect from Typhoon
  • Use the scotch tape or any tape

  • Paste it on the window in cross shape

Safety first!

Preparation and Warning for Typhoon in South Korea

What is Typhoon? It is a type of Hurricane, Thunderstorm, Cyclone, powerful winds and abrupt strong rainfalls. The level of the Typhoon might vary. I have experienced different levels of Typhoon while living in South Korea but this time, it is expected to be a very strong one.
An intense Typhoon is with a well-defined circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph or higher. The winds have great velocity and as they move ashore they sweep the ocean inward giving birth to torrential rains and  flooding.  
Higher the Intensity of the Typhoon higher is the destructiveness!

Latest Update of the Typhoon from Japan

Present Situation: Typhoon is approaching South Korea!!!!A powerful typhoon lashed the southern Japanese island of Okinawa and surrounding areas Sunday, injuring four people and cutting off power to about 57,000 households.
Weather officials had warned that Typhoon Bolaven
The most powerful typhoon in a decade is set to hit the Korean Peninsula early this week, weather forecasters said Sunday, prompting authorities to brace for a worst-case scenario.

Predictions for the consequences in South Korea:
  • Tree might fall, small plants get damaged
  • Blackouts and no electricity for few days
  • No water supply
  • All grocery stores close down
  • No restaurants are open
  • Its a major close down
  • Blocked roads

Preparation for the Typhoon:
  • Keep your refrigerator to highest settings
  • Store Water and buy drinking water
  • Pack some food which does not need refrigeration
  • Buy some candles, prepare some battery torch or falshlights
  • Keep your first-aid kit ready
  • Throw away all garbage stuff from home
  • Find a safe place for your pets
  • Keep in track with the media through TV, radio etc for emergecy info
  • Keep plenty of food for infants
  • Fuel your vehicles
  • Fix the broken door or windows
  • Find the emergency evacuation places
  • Keep the important documents handy
  • Unplug the small appliance
  • Charge the mobile, ipad, notebooks in advance
  • Stay at home or any safe place
Just small preparations are needed. Hope things are fine and everyone is Safe.
May be the velocity of winds slow down while approaching South Korea.

Stay safe!!!!

love and prayers,

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