Thursday, June 14, 2012

Geoje-Good cheap lunch-set food-doshirak(Lunch-box)

If you are tired of the normal korean soups and BBQ, you have an option to eat a simple, cheap food in the form of small food-sets called DOSHIRAK(lunch-box)
There are a variety of such food-sets for lunch and dinner.
The food is extremely cheap and delicious.
Minimum price is 1000won to 6000won. The food includes lot of rice, kimchi, chicken, prawn, curry etc depending on what you choose.

The best shop is located in Jangsang-po, near Daewoo hospital.
There is no delivery but you can eat there or bring it home.
The contact phone number is 055-682-4555
The website is:
You can order plenty of food, as it is so cheap and have a party.
Also visit :

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