Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surrounding Islands: Geoje Travel

 There are several Islands surrounding the Geoje Island and surely worth a visit. Above see the locations of the islands.
Maemuldo Isalnd
Its the island which connects two island and one can walk through it. The ferry goes from Jeogo ferry terminal (takes 40mins)
Neada Island
Its the smallest island with beautiful flowers and a pebble beach. its good for trekking.The ferry goes from Gujora beach(takes 20mins)
Jishimdo Island
its the famous Camellia Island which is most famous and the ferry goes from Jansang-po ferry terminal(takes 30min)
Oedo Island
Is the paradise of geoje and has exotic european culture. Its the most famous island.
Jangsado Island
Its recently developed and requires an entry fee. The ferry goes from Jeogo ferry terminal(13min)

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