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Top six Healthy food in Korea, South Korea

Korea is considered as the slimmest country with maximum number of flat tummies as compared to any of western country.
What can be the reason? There are several facts and myths pertaining to this issue. Almost all foreigners are surprised with this fact.
Some say Koreans have a good metabolism rate, or genetically they are gifted with a small body, their hard work and mountain climbing habits make their body fit. But whatever be the fact, they have shocked the world with the slim and trim bodies.
Recently, several researches tell that there is a big change in the country and now we can find fat or rather obese people in Korea also.
So the most important which is the key factor for the slim bodies of Korea is their traditional food. Korean food is considered as very healthy food.
The top healthy food on my ratings are as follows:
  • Kimchi, a fermented pickle made by different vegetable with strong ginger & garlic & spices paste which is the most famous of all and is loaded with Vitamin A, B & C, Calcium, Crude protein, Crude lipid, Phosphorous etc.It’s the healthiest food which served with almost all Korean food as the side-dish.
  • Kimchi jiggae which is a soup made with Kimchi and Namuel.
  • Soondubu jiggae is a Korean stew (jiggae) made up of Tofu, sea-food and spicies.
  • Kim-bap steamed rice rolled in sea-weed and several vegetables.
  • DongTae Jjigae which the fresh Pollock Stew
  • Samgyetang is a Korean soup made up of young Chicken and Korean ginseng. The ginseng is the special herb in Korean food which has several benefits for good health.
So generally the Korean healthy food comprises of soups and porridges maintaining the nutrients of the ingredients, hence its surely very helathy.
There is innumerable variety of good food in Korea which is healthy and at times fried and unhealthy. It is up to you to choose the right kind of the healthy food and compete with the flat tummies of Korean residents.
So enjoy your challenge!
Healthy Korean food

Hair care, Hair fall and Hair Loss Problems in South Korea

These days I find many of my friends are facing the hair loss problems in South Korea. Generally, Koreans have beautiful hair with but little thin and very straight. Either they straighten their hair or sometimes its natural but straight hair is very much in fashion in South Korea.
There are several saloons in Korea with high technology and good techniques for hair care.
The hair is just like a graden hence it needs good nourishing and lot of care.
But sometimes environment, food habits, lifestyle, imbalance in diet, change in climate effects the hair growth and the texture. Every person has its own hair texture based on their family history and gentics but caring for your original normal hair is very important. Nowadays, hair coloring, straighting, perming etc is quite common, as everybody wants a new look. In the saloon they use several kinds of different products which hamper the growth of the hair and effects the texture.
Medically the hair growth cycle is explained:
Hair grows in three different cycles in the form of a cycle which includes anagen, catagen, and telogen. About 90% of the hair on the head is in the anagen, or growth phase, which lasts anywhere from two to eight years. The catagen, or transition phase, typically lasts 2-3 weeks, during which  the hair follicle shrinks. During the telogen cycle, which lasts around two to four months, the hair rests. Mostly the hair grows on the scalp.
 "Hair grows about 6 inches a year for most people"
If you see serious problems of hair fall.
So the solution for good nourishment of hair within South Korea:

Home care
  • Wash you hair regularly with protein rich shampoo
  • Dont use hair dye, hair colors or gels often
  • Eat almonds everyday
  • Massage your scalp with a good hair oil twice a week in the night
  • Olive oil, coconut oil or almond are really good for hair
  • make own own hair pack with henna, lemon juice, one egg, apply to you hair for 2hours and wash with shampoo, once in a month
  • Drink lot of water and eat fruits
  • You can also apply hair serum from available in Misha, faceshop, bodyshop
  • Keep your hair clean
  • Also you can apply hair creme from Indian product, hair protein creme from Himalaya products
Hair Clinics in South Korea
  • Laser treatments in the specialized FDA aproved clinics
  • Hair transplants at the saloon
  • There are several hair loss treatment products in Korea by AHC, DHC companies.
  • Meet a doctor
  • Keratin pills with 6months course
Still I would recommend you to use home care, organic products or herbal products for hair rather than Chemicals which are commonly used in several saloons. The chemicals makes your hair beautiful for few hours but they have long term-effect which damages your hair badly. Especially, hair iron is really kills the healthy hair and make it very thin.
So please be careful in choosing your hair products.
Take care well!

Attractions in Gyeonsang-nam-do Province, South Korea

There are ten major cities in Gyeonsang province.
  • Changwon
  • Geoje
  • Gimhae                                            
  • Jinju
  • Miryang
  • Sacheon
  • Tongyeong
  • Yangsan
  • Masan
  • Jillye-myeon
The biggest Metropolitian cities in this region are Busan and Ulsan, which are among the top 5 biggest cities of South Korea. The province is the south eastern region of South Korea located at the peninsula. Specialities of this province are many, with good agriculture land which provides good vegetables, fruits and sea-food.
The dialect of speaking Korean is also special. Based on the dialect or the accent the Koreans can recognize the people's origin, hence gyeonsang province also has a ttypical korean speaking accent.
The rice, beans, potato, sesame, beans, barley, oyesters are being cultivated and grown in this province.
There beautiful beaches, mountains and valleys in this region, hence special tourist attraction. Also Buddhist temples are famous in this region which adds to the attraction. South Korea's two largest temples are located in this area named Tongdosa Temple in yangsan and Haeinsa temple nearby Hapcheon.
For more information about the temple see the link below:
Tongdosa temple

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