Monday, July 2, 2012

Geoje Seaworld, Geoje-si, South Korea, opens in 2013

The Korea Govt. has planned to open a dolphin park in Geoje. The advertisement is already released on the website:
The construction of this sea world will be taken up by the Company titled ILK.
The company is located in Busan and they were involved in making Busan Aquarium Museum.
There are several water parks in South Korea. The Geoje seaworld is planned to be opened, next year 2013.
You can get the information for other water parks in the website below:
The detail information of the Geoje sea-world will be posted soon.
I will update the info.
Geoje will be the most attractive tourist spot in South Korea, soon.

Hwang-Tae gui or Spicy grilled Pollack fish, Geoje-si, South Korea

Today our lunch was Hwang-Tae gui, its kind of grilled spicy Pollack fish. The story behind the making of the fish really interesting, Pollock that is dried during winter is rehydrated with gochujang (red chili paste) sauce and then grilled. In order to make hwangtae, hang on outdoor flake at windy and very cold mountain area for 40-90 days, the pollocks fish are slowly dried by undergoing an uncountable number of days. Pollock meat is changed into a unique texture as the flesh repeatedly contracts and expands during the process. To produce best hwangtae, good climate conditions include intense cold, snow storm and freezing wind are all required. The pollock is transformed into a delicious hwangtae by grilling it.

Below you can see the restuarant name address and phone number.
Its really delicious food.
The restuarant is new one which is recently opened. Just next to Paris Baguette Bakery near seonga and cook, in Okpo.

STX KAN, Geoje-Si, South Korea

STX KAN a remarkably big construction company is opening in Geoje-si. It joins the leagues of the giant companies names in the Geoje island, first the DSME, SHI and now STX KAN.
STX KAN are the biggest builders of offshore plants, constructions, houses, housing complex, resorts, roads, bridges, tunnels, advances research complexes etc.
It has several branch office all over the world. Its globally recognized company.
See more information:
STX KAN website
Also STX KAN is building up the STX Hansol: STX apartments, located in Geoje, Sagok-ri San 61-3,Sadeung-myun, Geoje-gun,Gyeongsangnam-do

Size of construction
18 buildings, 2 stories below and 24 above the ground, 1131 households
Surely, the company might open several new opportunities and good housing complexes in Geoje-Si.

Merits of Living in Geoje-Si, South Korea

Merits of living in Geoje island
“The earth has music for those who listen.”
William Shakespeare

n         Geoje-si surely is a beautiful island, untouched, not seen and has its own winsome beauty, with the high & low mountains, valleys, rivers, sea and oceans. The island is small has its own uniqueness with several islands surrounding it.
n         You are away from the city and hence surviving in the pollution free environment.
n         The hospital, school, post-office are within small reach, no long distance travelling
n         There are no traffic jams in the city.
n         There are several picnic spots, beautiful beaches to play and enjoy with the nature.
n         The life is actually tension and stress free, opposite to the big city hassles.
n         The island is the core of ship-building companies hence maintains high-standards with  high salaried employees.
n         The second biggest city, Busan, can be reached through a bridge with 45mins of travel from geoje to Busan.
n         Safety of the residents is key factor which attracts the people here. Your family is very safe here as the crime rate is almost 0% in Geoje.
n         Several places to visit, Geoje is being developed and hence attracting several tourist and also new tourist spots are being built up.
n         The biggest company like SHI and DSME provide lot of opportunities for the residents and families of the employees by conducting workshops, seminars, trips, welfare programs, showing movies, they have day care centers, jobs, trainings, schools, opening courses in the Koje college, sponsoring foreigners clubs etc. They sponsor many programs for the families and their welfare.
n         Its a small world within itself and hence self-content. You can enjoy several sports, like hiking, mountain climbing, etc and keep yourself fit and slim.
Weekends can be enjoyed thoroughly. Its such a beautiful place, and every nick and corner is scenic and very picturous with beautiful landscape. People would crave to live here, so I feel the residents of Geoje-si are really lucky. Its a Paradise on earth.
Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.”
― John Lubbock

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