Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 Golden rules to Survive in South Korea

I have been living as an Expat in South Korea for a long time.
Korean culture, food and living was very different for me. Based on my experiences I wish to list up seven golden rules to survive in South Korea.
  • AGE :Respect the age and respect the seniors! Age is very important in Korea. You must respect the elder persons.

  • LANGUAGE PROBLEM: Learn Basic Korean words!Its better to learn some basic Korean for communication.

  • ALCOHOL: Enjoy Drinking alcohol! Koreans love to drink alcohol with their friends and mates. They drink a lot.

  • SPICY FOOD:Enjoy Spicy food! Kimchi is the famous side-dish and is spicy. Also there are many foods which are very spicy. You may adapt it otherwise the choices are limited.

  • CLOTHES & SHOES: Bring your own Clothes!  difficult to find XXL or big size in many store. Other options are online shopping or visit Seoul to buy big size clothes and shoes.

  • ENGLISH:Speak English slowlyThere are different kinds of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Some Koreans are well versed with English. Mostly Koreans can read English well but cannot speak well. If you write and explain your problem they will understand, but you have to speak slowly to make them understand.

  • Don't be shocked: Koreans like the foreigners and love to talk to them. It is little unusual for them to see a foreigner on the street.Sometimes they give some strange gestures but don't get offended.

In general, living in Korea is not difficult, as Korean people are kind and very helpful.
 “The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever”
Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank
Just enjoy your stay here!

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