Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hawaii of South Korea, Jeju-do

Jeju-do is the National pride for most of the Koreans. Jeju-do is the best tourist place in South Korea.There are many World Heritage tourist points in Jeju-do.
The Koreans consider it as the Hawaii of  South Korea.
According to my view point, I cannot consider it totally Hawaiian style but Semi Hawaiian.
The points which make Jeju-do similar to Hawaii are as follows:

  • Jeju-do is located in Southwest side of South Korea. It Is the tropical region with strong sunshine similar to Hawaii

  • Jeju-do has many Beautiful, clean beaches with white sand  and also have freash sea-food similar to hawaii


  • Jeju-do is a volcanic island similar to Hawaiian Islands. Hence Jeju also have the Lava tubes similar to Hawaii.
  • Volcanic mountain
  • Its famous fo hiking, horse riding, golfing,snorkling, scuba diving etc and has many sports activites like Hawaii. Jeju hot springs are also very famous.
  • Jeju has famous ports and harbours. It offers special cruise trips and submarine trip which are awesome.

    Submarine trip
  • Some museums in Jeju-do are similar to Hawaiian museums
  • There are many beatiful waterfalls to similar Hawaii
Jeju -do is the biggest island in South Korea. 
It has the resemblance to Hawaii Island.
Jeju-do is different from normal South Korean cities and also considered the best place for honeymoon couples.
So if you are in South Korea I strongly recommend to travel to Jeju-do.  

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