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Top 7 Vegetarian Food in South Korea

Vegetarian people who travel to South Korea might have little hard time to find the right kind of food for themselves. Specially! who dont even eat egg and fish. You should prefer cooking their own food. Its the best way to survive here. But if you have tried the food in South Korean buddist Temple, its purely Vegetarian food.
I am here to list up the Top Five Vegetarian food of South Korea:
  • BibimBap is the prime vegetarian food. Its a mix of many vegetables with rice and spicy sause. But sometimes they put beef in it. So you should ask to remove the beef.

  • Daenchang  jjigae is the pure vegetarian soup.

  • Bokumpbap is the fried rice with vegetable. There are a variety of bokum bhap, so one has to be careful.

  • Sun-dubu jjigae is a very healthy food with lot of Tofu in it.

  • Ramyan are the special korean noodles which are available with different flavours in the market. you can choose the vegetarian one.

  • Chapchae is another type of  Korean noodle which is very thin and cooked with vegetables

  • Kimchi is also healthy and is available in a varieties. 
Also another two important things to remember for vegetarians.
  • The Meat is called GOGI is Korean. You must check always that there is no GOGI in the food with the cook.
  • You should buy salt with Iodine, that are available in mart, because Koreans get the iodine content for their body through several food made up of meat. But for Veggies they might loose on it.
Enjoy your stay in Korea!

Lunch-Set, Doshirak in Okpo, Geoje, South Korea

There is another new shop which serves the Doshirak.
The cheap lunch set which have several choices and best part is they can deliver the food to your home.
It is a tasty food if you want to have many food with different choices.

 Espcially when you have many people at your home. You can have a good party with their choice of food and in your budget.

Top 12 Korean expressions to survive in Korea

Korean Language is called Hangul and considered very simple, with a scientific aspects of 24 characters. The korean language might seem to be a like some geometrical figures and some lines but Koreans are proud of the unque, subtle and elegant language. The Korean Calligraphy is also very popular and famous.
The Korean langage speaking might be difficult to speak but once yo get into the depth of the language you will enjoy it.
There are several Korean Language courses which are offered in Korea. You can also join free classes offered by the community centres.
I just want to make your life easily by introducing the Top 12 Korean expression which you might need alot in Korea:

Why do people blog? 10 reasons for blogging!

I also think about it. Why I am blogging? What is the reason? What is the Motivation? These days I am addicted to blogging. So I want to list up about why do people blog:
  •  They want to reach out to people and internet is the best way.
  •  These days socializing is not so common as in the previous years. So social networking has become a fever for people.
  • Its a safe way to put your opinion. Sometimes people dont have good communication skills but they can write well. 
  •  From my childhood days I loved to write a diary on daily basis, so blogging is better nowadays rather than you using a pen to write.
  •  Yes we can reach out to the world through the globalization and such tools in hands, hence now you can get readership of millions of people from different parts of the world, which is increditable. 
  •  Its a better way to make friends with similar interest and reach out to people domestically and internationally
  • Its the best way to raise an issue and get global the support 
  •  Find people with same experience and similar problems 
  •  Sometimes blogging is fun if you are living away from your home country and you dont have your family and friends around you.
  • Sometime you have really experienced something which is very unique and want to share.
 So what is blogging and why we blog? might have several answers but I just love to blog. In simple terms, its the best way to globalize yourself with sharing experiences and reading some experiences. Sharing everyday story with someone makes me feel happy. So just blog blog and blog!

Steps of Ship Construction, Geoje Yard, South Korea

Geoje is surround by Giant ships which is just amazing. It adds to the beauty of the Island. Sometimes I wonder how they make some giant structures. The major ship yards are running 24hours and developing huge products with lot of precision, accuracy and quality. Heads off to Korean techniques and the hard working attitude. Hence DSME, SHI and HHI hold the world the top three positions in the world.
Walking and wondering!
I can see the giants blocks, heavy machinery, big and small cranes from my window, but sometimes I wonder whats going on inside the company.

How they make from the steel and aluminium sheets to the big structures? thats amazing!

So i listed up the steps in ship construction in a very simple way. See the steps below:
Ship Block!
Wow! these steps seem to be very simple but I know its a joint work of each & every employee and the vendor companies which are working day & night.
Hence its called the Triple D job which means, Dirty, Deadly and Dangerous job.

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