Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Korean Wife

I am sharing somebody's experience which I received as a forwarded email:

    Experiences are as follows:
  • You own two refrigerators, and one is just used for storing Kimchee.
  • She gets upset if you refer to the above as the Kimchee Box.
  • She gets upset if you put anything other than Kimchee in the Kimchee Box.
  • She lacks common sense, or for the politically correct: Faulty Logic.
  • You have more than one type of Kimchee.
  • She assures you that the meat bought in the open market is better, even if it still has the AAFES tag on it.
  • Believes that any product bought in the open market is better, even if it still has the AAFES tag on it.
  • She has 101 uses for Soju.
  • She uses Soju as a cleaning product.
  • She uses Soju for medical purposes. (Disinfectant.)
  • She will go to an American restaurant to eat Korean Food and insists that it tastes better than served in a Korean restaurant.
  • She believes wearing platform shoes is sexy.
  • She wears a mini skirt in the winter, then complains that it is cold.
  • The main ingredient in the food you eat at home is garlic.
  • She eats non-Korean food with Kimchee.
  • She won't eat spoiled food, but does not have a problem with Kimchee.
  • You own a dining room table that is less than 1 foot high.
  • You own more chopsticks than you do forks and spoons.
  • She doesn't drink tap water until after it's been boiled, but she'll make ice with it.
  • She thinks fish head soup is a delicacy.
  • You can not watch TV on Mondays because the puzzle show is on.
  • You can not watch TV on Sunday because Super Sunday is on.
  • You don't rent videos unless they are subtitled.
  • A meal is not complete without Kimchee.
  • She won't eat American food unless served with a side of Kimchee.
  • She believes that the floor is more comfortable to sleep on than the bed.
  • You have an electric blanket on 356 days a year.
  • You turn on a fan in the summer but still have the electric blanket on.
  • You burn your butt sitting on the floor.
  • You believe that controlled drugs can be bought over the counter.
  • You go to the pharmacy to buy an IV.
  • You do not own any chairs in your house.
  • You refuse to own any Japanese products in your house.
  • The only thing she knows how to do on your computer is play solitaire.
  • Everyone she introduces you to is either a brother or a sister.
  • Her immediate family moves into your house permanently.
  • Everything in your house either has the logo Samsung or LG.
  • She can't buy clothes unless they have a logo on them.
  • She owns a beeper/pager that has a gold chain attached to it.
  • She gets mad when you flush toilet paper down the toilet.
  • She won't buy clothes from a store that is going out of business because she believes there is something wrong with the clothes.
  • She believes that 1000 Won is enough money for lunch.
  • She believes going out to dinner is going down the street to the Soju tent.
  • You eat Ramen and kimchee for breakfast.
  • You go to the open market to buy one thing and leave with both arms full.
  • You own more than one type of Ramen in your house.
  • She believes that Ramen, Rice, Soju, and Kimchee are the 4 basic food groups.
  • You answer the phone in your house with "YOBO-SAY-O."
  • You heat a dried squid over an open flame.
  • You eat dried squid with mayonnaise.
May be you can share your positive or negative experiences below.

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