Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food that smells like a Sportman's feet: Cheonggukjang, South Korea

Today my lunch was with one of my close friend who introduced a vegetable soup similar to Deonjang but is more fermented, called Cheong-guk-jang.
The Cheong-guk-jang is made up of potato, soya bean and tofu, is well fermented. It really has a very strong smell which might be unbearable to many people.
The smell is like some rotten food or foot smell or dead body smell. Some people also say the ultimate stinky ass food.
Though I couldn't bear the smell and so didn't eat it.


But the food is considered very healthy and nutritious. My Korean friend just loved eating it and enjoyed it.
It was a bad experience for me. Later, I grabbed a McD burger and enjoyed my meal.
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