Friday, June 29, 2012

il sogno alato, Italian Restuarant, Geoje-Si, South Korea

One more good Italian restaurant titled IL SOGNO ALATO, which is located just outside okpo, and really famous. Its away from the main market. The restaurant has double storey and has really good ambience. Its good for relaxing and enjoying the Italian food.
The food I may recommend is the carbonara Pasta with mushrooms and bacon.
The fungi garlic pizza is awesome.
The food is little expensive but worth it.
Its a good place and very comfortable.
The service is very fast and waiters are really kind.
I enjoyed it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Demerits of Living in Geoje Island, South Korea

Demerits of living in Geoje island

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Albert Einstein

Geoje-si being an island has its own good and bad points. Living here can be fun and as well as at times boring. I would like write some points about it.

n         Geoje-si Island is considered to be an expensive city. So if you compare the food cost, living cost and everything is comparatively expensive than Seoul and Busan.
n         Lack of Variety, you dont have much choices for restuarants as the big city.
n         Branded shops are rare, you dont find many brands here, you have to depend on online shopping.
n         Delivery of post or shopping parcels are little slow to arrive as they are directed from the main post-offices which are located in big cities.
n         There is no International High school. There is only one International school which is for the young children.
n         There is no university in this Island, only one Koje College which is of medium standards. There are few opportunities to find a job.
n         The city is not lively or energetic with young crowd. It has two major ship-building companies in this Island so generally the crowd is the employees and their families.
n         There are no subways/metro/tubes or trains and also no airport.
n         If you plan to visit Seoul, only option is bus or taxi, or going via Busan.
n         Geoje Island is not a well-developed Island. Still several constructions are always going on.
n         There is no fashion sense in Geoje as the adults are generally in their Company uniform from Morning till night and the kids or young are in their school uniform.
n         There is no night life as such, just some old man drinking and moving on the streets in their company dress.
n         Shopping is not at all a fun here, as there is not much shopping complex, there is only one Homeplus in Gohyun, otherwise we need to drive very far to Tongyeong to reach lotte and e-mart.
n         There are only two cinema halls/ theater.
n         There are few hospitals and rarely do you find the doctor speaking in English.

The list can be endless if you see the other-side of life , but these points are not to discourage or depress anyone, just some facts which need to be improved in Geoje-si. Since I have been living here for such a long time I have seen drastic improvements here, hence I am loving it.
Wait for my next blog which will potray the positive side of the living in the same place

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beer in a Classic style in Geoje-si, South Korea

Yestarday, we went to the beer bar which serves the beer in a Clasic style, as they say the Clean Crystal Beer.
The beer bar is jsut next to the WA BAR in Okpo.
They serve the beer in a classic or a much more exotic style.
Just enjoy!

Shabu shabu Vietnam-food in Geoje, South Korea

Recently, there has been lot of fusion foods available in Korea and also Koreans are willing try different cuisines from different countries. I went for the special party and Shabu shabu the vietneme food was introduced to me in the party. I was surprised that we have Shabu shabu resturant, a Vietnamese cuisine in Geoje.
The location of the resturant is opposite to Starbuks, the resturant is located on the second floor and is on the main street of okpo.
 The name shabu-shabu is derived from the "swish swish" sound of cooking the meat in the pot. The dish is related to sukiyaki in style, in that both use thinly sliced meat and vegetables and are usually served with dipping sauces, but it is considered to be more savory and less sweet than sukiyaki. It is considered a winter dish, but is eaten year-round.
The shabu shabu is the meat speciality and you can choose duck or beef or pork. In the center there is a bowl where you make a soup of vegetable, sea-food and the meat. On the side you can BBQ the meat. Also they give you rice paper which you dip in water make it soft and then fill in the vegetables, meat and sause, roll it and eat it.
It was a good experience and I may recommend it if you like the soup or BBQ style meat.

Top six hotels in Geoje

There are several hotels, motels, guest-houses and pansion in Geoje.
I here give the information about the top hotels in Geoje.
1. Samsung Hotel
San2-10, Jangpyeong-Dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam
2. Admiral Hotel
330-4, Okpo-1 Dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam
3. Hotel C-palace
622 Wahyeon-ri, Ilun-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam 
4. Hotel Ocean Best
 426-33 Jangsenpo-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam   
5. Geoje Island Hotel
  1954 Okpo-2 Dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam        
 6. Geoje Oasis Hotel
815-21, Jangpyeong-dong, Geoje-city, Gyeong Nam, Korea

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surrounding Islands: Geoje Travel

 There are several Islands surrounding the Geoje Island and surely worth a visit. Above see the locations of the islands.
Maemuldo Isalnd
Its the island which connects two island and one can walk through it. The ferry goes from Jeogo ferry terminal (takes 40mins)
Neada Island
Its the smallest island with beautiful flowers and a pebble beach. its good for trekking.The ferry goes from Gujora beach(takes 20mins)
Jishimdo Island
its the famous Camellia Island which is most famous and the ferry goes from Jansang-po ferry terminal(takes 30min)
Oedo Island
Is the paradise of geoje and has exotic european culture. Its the most famous island.
Jangsado Island
Its recently developed and requires an entry fee. The ferry goes from Jeogo ferry terminal(13min)

Monday, June 25, 2012

KITCO ABIDORE HOtel in Okpo, Geoje

A new hotel will be opening shortly as they have the opening ceremony on June 30, 2012.
Just check out information the website:

Guide book for Gyeonsang-nam-do residents

If you have several questions about living in South Korea or living in Gyeonsang-nam-do province, here is a solution for you, please follow the link to dowload the guide-book:

Surviving in South Korea

Living in South Korea can be fun or can be frustrating, its your choice how you adapt. I have listed about some tips to Survive in South Korea:
  • Love yourself and try to explore the Korean Health massage, treatments to enhance your beauty with Korean cosmetics
  •  Enjoy Shopping in Korea
  • Explore Korean food, there is a variety of different food available in Korea. You must try the cuisines. The smell might be little strange for you but Just trust me you will love the food.
  •  Learn korean numbering system, especially learn korean money in Korean language.
  •  Learn some basic korean for your survival
  •  Make Korean friends, even though your korean friend might be shy to speak English but encourage them to speak and correct the their English and help them
  • Travel Korea as its a beautiful country and take pictures of the scenic beauty.
  • Koreans are really helpful & kind and learn the Korean mannerism.
  •  Korea is a very safe country and people are honest.
  • Koreans love to learn English.
Korea is surely a fun place to be in, with the mix of Asian and Western culture.
Enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Admiral Hotel in Geoje

The Admiral hotel is one of the famous luxury hotel in Geoje.It is run by DSME. The rooms are deluxe type and very clean. The Admiral hotel service is really good. You can enjoy the buffet. There two resturants within the hotel: 1.Western Restuarant 2.Korean and Japanese Restuarant The Admiral hotel coffee shop Jarena has finished the renovation and now will be re-opened on 30June,2012 There is morning Buffet, salad lunch buffet and dinner For information Inqirues:Jarena 055 681 3761

Korean Baseball

April is the month when Koreans plan to play baseball. The Korean professional baseball leagues was originally founded six teams. Presently there are eight famous korean team. The professional teams are named after the company named, that own them each team has their own home stadium. The list of Korean baseball team names are as follows: Lotte Giants Hanwha Eagles Kia Tigers SK Wyverns Doosan Bears LG Twins Samsung Lions Nexen Heroes The Koreans really enjoy the baseball game.The teams are divided into two regions West and East.There are several cheer leaders for different teams. The stadiums are full when the game and the matches are on. Koreans really love baseball. Lotte giants represents Busan and Geoje area.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Geoje Help book: OIS

Its a good guide book about OKPO which I came across. Its sure a good book which gives an intensive information about Geoje, especially Okpo area.
The information book is full of pictures and photos with the guide and directions to the places.
You can choose several activities and resturants in Geoje.
Its surely a good effort by OIS, Okpo International School to develop such a book. It really helps the new comers.
Please see the link:

Shopping Paradise : Korea

Best place in Korea to shop
I love to shop in Korea as surely its the shopping paradise. See the list below, especiaaly seoul and Busan are the best place to shop.
  • The Shinsegae Main Department Store is located in the heart of Seoul, on the site of what once was the home of Korea’s vey first department store.
  • Myeong-dong is all about shopping! big super stores of Migliore, Lotte Department Store, Avatar and High Harriet to the cozy, shops lining the sidestreets, Myeong-dong has variety for everyone
  • Dongdaemun, but if you are passionate about fashion and looking for something hip and unique, then follow the example of Seoul’s trendsetters and head to Gangnam.
  • Insadong offers an immediate immersion into Korean culture. This lively, charming area of downtown Seoul is filled with restaurants and traditional teahouses. A trip to Insadong offers an immediate immersion into Korean culture.
  • Many duty free shops are available in Korea
  • Sale in Korea: Sale periods for shops occur every June to August, and December to February.
Online shopping
Other shops


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Budae-jjige: Army stew, Nolbu, Geoje, Korea

Budae jjigae is still popular in South Korea. The dish often incorporates modern ingredients such as instant ramen noodles and sliced cheese. Other ingredients may include sliced sausages, baked beans, dropwort, onions, green onions, tteok, tofu, chili peppers, macaroni, garlic, mushrooms and other vegetables in season.
It was cooked for the army soldiers but now its popular in korea as a fusion food.

Okpo has two Nolbu resturants. You can taste it and try the new food.



Study in South Korea

The Korean universities have excellent research facilities and have several government grants. But the Korean professors are extremely choosy to select the right candidate for their laboratory. The Koreans in general like to work hard and produce good quality outputs with good publications.
There are several governament scholarships which a student can apply through the Korean Professor:
1. KRF, Korean Research fellowship for foreigners
2. Brain Korea Fellowship
3. Sometimes individual universities support few students
4. Sometimes professor has several projects by which he can support you
The tution fees for the university is generally high, which can be sometimes 50% wiaved based on your scores.
All Korean University has an International Department which takes care of all the foreigner students.
Its better to live in the university dormatories which are cheap, otherwise if you cannot eat the Korean food, it better to take a studio apartment with a kitchen, near the university.
If you are interested in Ph.D, you should choose your professor carefully, with the same reseach background.
Generally, Korean university provides you with free korean language courses conducted by some students and also the university gives a six months korean langauage course which is covers the basics.

The few of the universities of Korea:
3. Seoul National University
4. Korea University
5. Hanyang University
6. Pusan National University

Good luck for the aspiring candidates!

Movers & packers in South Korea

SMK - Safe Moving Korea, Domestic & Overseas Furniture Removal

Whether your move is a local one, across Korea, or overseas, SAFE MOVING KOREA (SMK), can help you.
SMK offers a wide range of services at prices to fit any budget, including
- Household goods and Exhibition moving
- Packing and Unpacking services
- Delivery to/from a Storage Facility
- Local, National and Overseas removals
- Bonus: an English-speaking contact person.
Contact: Manager Danny Jung will do his best to answer your questions, provide you with all the information you need and oversee your move.
Tel: 031-214-3990 / 010-4693-3993
Fax: 031-214-3990

Monday, June 18, 2012

Geoje Janseongpo:Night time

The Janseongpo arear consist of an old ferry terminal which is not in use these days but its surely a good place to walk through.
 The most famous hang-out place is Popera Cafe & wine shop. It also serves Italian delights.
 Its just opposit to the Hotel Ocean best, previously called as Hotel Art Center. Night time it has special lighting, over the hotel building and on the sea-side. Its a beautiful view to look at.
You can see the sea, walk around try the popera coffee or have the special sea-food. There are many sea food resturants besides it. The resturants are really famous for the freash sea-food which is being served. There also covered by Korean channels like MBC, KBS etc.
You feel the lovely breeze at night.

The BLUE CITY: Geoje Island, South Korea

Geoje is a mix of mountainous terrain, with sea flowing side by side, lakes, oceans. Just like a hill-state or hill-station.

The differe mountains of Geoje are  Mt Guksabong & Mt Daegeumsan. Geoje is the hub of Shipbuilding Companies where you can see the Giant heavy constructions with the world top and largest shipyards.
Daewoo Shipbuilding  and Marine Engineering,  DSME, is located in the city of   Okpo and Samsung Heavy Industries, SHI, in the city of Gohyeon.  
The beaches of Geoje are just so special. You can find different kinds of beaches with sand, pebble, rocks etc. The major beaches are Deokpo Beach, Wahyeon Beach, Heungnam Beach and Gujora Beach. Korea. hence Geoje is called the Blue City. The blue corresponds to the freash air and clean water flowing along the roads.
Geoje is fastly developing with the new bridge which is constructed between Geoje and Busan.
You can enjoy the freash sea food here.
The Geoje has amazing sea-shores and best destination for holidays. Also there are beautiful camping grounds with all facilities.

Just enjoy the summer, which really special in Geoje.
Also see the website:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romantic 14th: Korea

14th Feb is already considered as the Valentine day, which is world famous day for the couples.
White day on March 14th: White Day is observed in South Korea with the men paying back women who have given them chocolate on Valentine's Day with usually candy instead of chocolate.
Nov 11th is called the pepero day giving the pencil shaped cookies coated with chocolates.
Thats amazing facts of they have a romantic day every month on 14th.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Geoje: Beeone secret garden

A new adventurous place Geoje is the beautiful secret garden, which has amazing natural site. it is surely giving a good competetion to Oedo Island. It has such scenic beauty.
 The small beautiful lake on the way to the secret garden, beone.

 The green house for cultivating the grapes.

 The waterfall is just amazing.

Every nick and corner is well decorated and just awesome. Cant be believe thats its Geoje!
The best place and worth many visits. Best place to relax in the nature, you can hear the birds chiping and frogs and tods making noise. Also you can hear the sound of the waterfall. Its so soothing and relaxing.
See the websites:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Geoje-Good cheap lunch-set food-doshirak(Lunch-box)

If you are tired of the normal korean soups and BBQ, you have an option to eat a simple, cheap food in the form of small food-sets called DOSHIRAK(lunch-box)
There are a variety of such food-sets for lunch and dinner.
The food is extremely cheap and delicious.
Minimum price is 1000won to 6000won. The food includes lot of rice, kimchi, chicken, prawn, curry etc depending on what you choose.

The best shop is located in Jangsang-po, near Daewoo hospital.
There is no delivery but you can eat there or bring it home.
The contact phone number is 055-682-4555
The website is:
You can order plenty of food, as it is so cheap and have a party.
Also visit :

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