Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 steps to get rid of Bugs on the waste food in South Korea

These days the climate is little weird with heavy rains and strong sunshine. Also in this weather you see some strange insects creeping in the house, especially if you have plants or garden around.  Many kind of insects usually enter the house also.
These days the waste food bug is really a nuisance. The bugs or insects are very tiny and can fly around. Generally black in color, they keep flying over the food and also they can bite human while they are asleep at night.
This the real mating season for such bugs and they keep growing their population in the house.

They can easily damage the raw food, or cooked food etc. One has to careful from these bugs, they can lead to health problems.
I can suggest you some simple ways to get rid off these bugs:
  1. The food bugs generally are found flying around the waste food. You must throw away the waste food almost everyday and clean the place where you keep the trash bin regularly.
  2. I would suggest clean your kitchen or food storage areas with some detergents dry them well and store the food.
  3. For storage of food use the vacuum packing, so that the bugs cannot damage the food.
  4. Use some astringents or insects spray to kill these bugs almost on daily basis until the climate is changed.
  5. Wash the utensils regularly and don't pile up your utensils in the sink. Use hot water to clean the utensils.
These are basic five steps which will really help you kill these bugs or at least reduce them.
Keep your beds clean and spray the insect killer in the bed room before sleeping or use the mosquito repellent.
In the market you can find several products to kills the bugs, I suggest you must keep it handy.
Keep environment and  home clean always which keeps your family healthy and happy.
So just be careful!

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