Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Korean Barbecue, Samgyeopsal, grilled pork belly, South Korea

In my last post I already introduced the  Korean barbecue, here I discuss the Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly). Its the most popular Korean cuisine. As I told you in Korea BBQ style food or the grilled foos is really popular. The electric grilled are placed on each table in the restaurants. The grilling is usually done with charcoal which makes it super delicious.
The samgyeopsaal is generally eaten in parties and with a group of people, enjoy it with soju and beer. Soju is a kind of Korean alcohol.
The pork belly is cut in large sizes of thick strips, grilled which gets soften and almost melts in your mouth. 
The grilled meat is generally eaten with lot of salad in Korea. 

The grilled meat is rolled in a leaf with kimchi, grilled garlic or you choose your wraps and enjoy it. 

After finishing the grilled pork, generally the meal is ordered some soup with rice or cold noodles.

Norebang or Singing rooms in South Korea

Norebang (노래방)or the Karaoke or the singing rooms in South Korea is one of the prime source of entertainment. You can see the norebang in most of the streets in Korea. There are several rooms inside the norebang where a group can occupy one room. Each room is equipped with Karoke list of book, sound system, audio, video and dancing lights.
List of latest songs
Karaoke with dancing lights
They serve beer, or any drinks with the snacks. The average price of Norebang is 15,000 won. The Karaoke book list includes Korean songs, Japanese songs and English songs. I had the chance to visit the norebang a couple of times with my Korean friends. Some are really good singers. Generally, Koreans are very quiet but in norebang you can see the hidden talent of many as they emerge as pop-stars. There are wide screen in the room where the songs are displayed with Karaoke text. The Karaoke system has a special feature which helps in ranking the best singer. One can easily rate their capabilities. Its a fun place to be in.

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