Monday, July 30, 2012

The 3D's of shipbuilding jobs, South Korea

This blog potrays the Three D's for the workers and engineers who are associated with the Marine life and job. The shipbuilding companies in South Korea are considered the topmost in the world. The ranking goes from HHI, Uslan as number one, then DSME, Geoje and SHI, Geoje. The job has lot of benefits and are among topmost jobs of the world with the package, bonus, facilities etc. But on the other side the job is straneous, with lot of hard-work, honesty, rough and tough attitude to survive in such a hazardous areas. The quality and quantity of ships which are constructed in South Korea are among top and number one. The owners of the ship are always satisfied with the ship construction by the Korean shipbuilders, as Korean companies manage the time well and deliver the ship before the deadline of the project completion with good quality. This takes a lot of hardwork of the employees construct such giant structures.

Hence the marine workers and engineers consider the Marine jobs has shocking 3Ds. So what are these 3Ds= 1. DIRTY, 2. DEADLY, 3. DANGEROUS

  • Dirty The shipping yards of Korean shipbuilders are well maintained but not comfortable to work in. Some places are extremely small and some places are wide enough, high, steep and deep. While in the concept of constructing the giant structure they require welding, painting which needs to work on heights or hanging around the ship. The conditions are not well -suited to the human at times. The construction site is generally dirty with heavy machinery.
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  • DANGEROUS The working place, especially the shipyards are not safe and also have erratic time schedules. The worker needs to have extreme strength and excellent skills to handle the machines, otherwise it may lead to machinery hazards or major problems, with leakage of life threating fluids etc.

  • DEADLY The marine jobs can be life threating with chances of falling while working. There have been several accidents like fire & explosions etc. Some material which is being used in the manufacturing of the ship are not suitable to human-body. There are several high pressure areas and high voltage areas which extremely deadly can lead to the death.  
Hence the working knowledge in these shipyards are extremely important.
 The shipbuilders always care well for their workers and hence they developed a special HSE, health safety engineering department which constantly keep a check in the yard and provide special training sessions to the workers and engineers who are involved in the construction of such giants.
 Many efforts are constantly being made by the shipbuilders to avoid any kind of accidents and they keep the health and safety of their workers and engineers on the top priority list and develop a free cordial environment to work.
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