Sunday, June 24, 2012

Geoje Help book: OIS

Its a good guide book about OKPO which I came across. Its sure a good book which gives an intensive information about Geoje, especially Okpo area.
The information book is full of pictures and photos with the guide and directions to the places.
You can choose several activities and resturants in Geoje.
Its surely a good effort by OIS, Okpo International School to develop such a book. It really helps the new comers.
Please see the link:

Shopping Paradise : Korea

Best place in Korea to shop
I love to shop in Korea as surely its the shopping paradise. See the list below, especiaaly seoul and Busan are the best place to shop.
  • The Shinsegae Main Department Store is located in the heart of Seoul, on the site of what once was the home of Korea’s vey first department store.
  • Myeong-dong is all about shopping! big super stores of Migliore, Lotte Department Store, Avatar and High Harriet to the cozy, shops lining the sidestreets, Myeong-dong has variety for everyone
  • Dongdaemun, but if you are passionate about fashion and looking for something hip and unique, then follow the example of Seoul’s trendsetters and head to Gangnam.
  • Insadong offers an immediate immersion into Korean culture. This lively, charming area of downtown Seoul is filled with restaurants and traditional teahouses. A trip to Insadong offers an immediate immersion into Korean culture.
  • Many duty free shops are available in Korea
  • Sale in Korea: Sale periods for shops occur every June to August, and December to February.
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