Thursday, August 16, 2012

Refrigerating Ice Museum in Jeju-do, South Korea

I visited Ice Museum in Jeju-do. The depictions were wonderful and fanciful. I was amazed to see the ice structures. The carvings on ice were beautiful.
 At the entrance, an employee of the museum distributed the blankets to each person. The temperature inside the museum was -5deg. It was really freezing temperature. I was really impressed by the ice sculptures in the form of Teddy bear, Jeju Hallabeong, beautiful angels, ducks etc.

Jeju Hallabeong

Ice Teddy bear
 The ice sculptures were impressive. There was a beautiful ice castle which had ice bed, ice sofa and ice table.

Ice sofa set

Ice sculpture

Ice castle
The ice depictions were beautiful. The best part was the Ice bar shop. It looked so real.
Though the ice museum was small but it had a lot to offer.
Also I was freezing in the refrigerating museum.
I just loved it.

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