Thursday, January 31, 2013

Food for your skin in South Korea

"Food that is good for your health is also good for your skin" its the motto of skin food company.
The skin food store opened in geoje. Though I was bit hesitant to try it out.
But once I entered it, I just got attracted to test their products. I liked their unique bottles of the product and  was surprised that every product was made by some food.

I bought the Avocado hair serum as my first product. The store owner gave me free samples to try.
I started using the avocado hair serum and it gave amazing results for my hair.
The skin food products are made by natural food ingredients. They use special food which nourishes your hair & skin etc.

Also I love the egg white face foam which is another amazing product. The smell is also good.
Recently I am in love with their Pomegranate lipchip peach color lipstick.
I just love their products. I received the sample of gold cavier cream which is really unique and awesome product to use.

Also see their commercial: 

I believe the quality of the products are just awesome, with lovely bottles and nice fragnance.


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